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Development of The Edinburgh Art Book, the third in the 'City Art Book' series has begun. 90 artists have already submitted images free for consideration. It is the contemporary pictures of Edinburgh by the artists who know it best, which will form the pages of The Edinburgh Art Book.

Following the success of The Cambridge Art Book 'A book to treasure' Stephen Fry and The Oxford Art Book 'A treasury of new ways of seeing' Jeremy Paxman, which shows Cambridge and Oxford through the eyes of the artists it inspires, Edinburgh will next delight us with what it has to offer.

A hard-backed 127 page illustrated book, The Edinburgh Art Book will be created by artist and editor Emma Bennett and published by UIT/Green Books, Cambridge in 2019.



Artist submission for the Edinburgh Art Book is now closed, thank you to those who have submitted over 500 images for consideration.






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Emma Bridgewater on The Oxford Art Book:

"I am thrilled that the excellent Cambridge Art Book now has its rightful companion, for these are cities (Cambridge and Oxford) with so much in common, In a comparison of the delightful and varied images collected in these two books I can continue my joyful (and endless) quest to pin down the cool elegance of Cambridge versus the worldly charm of Oxford". Emma Bridgewater


art squat

The Edinburgh Art Book is proud to be supporting ArtSquat, an incredible new charity in the city which supports artists on low income develop and exhibit work in a range of local venues.


Also we are connected to this wonderful social enterprise which can take you on fantastic tours of the city:

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Images by kind permission of: Richard Briggs www.richardbriggs-illustration.co.uk


Book maps by Jenny Seddon